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This article is intended to discuss the pros and cons of Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation based on my research and personal experience after using one for about a month.

Note: In the rest of the article, the term Kindle refers to Kindle Paperwhite (10th gen).

Why did I decide to buy a kindle?

I had been hankering to…

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Parallel programming has become an inevitable skill that all programmers should master. Threads running in parallel typically use shared resources for several reasons such as communication and coordination. Thread synchronization is a technique to avoid race conditions when these shared resources are manipulated concurrently by multiple threads. …

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Introduction to Cache Memory

Majority of the modern-day computers have three levels of cache memories namely L1, L2, and L3 caches. Often, L1 and L2 caches reside on-chip while L3 cache resides off-chip. These cache memories play an important role in creating the illusion of having a fast main memory…

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